Megan is a pianist, singer and songwriter from Victoria, Australia.  She records, mixes and produces music.  Megan is a creative individual who also enjoys artistic pursuits such as knitting and cross-stitching.

Megan started playing the piano at the age of nine when an old man named George decided to sell his piano.  She sometimes wonders where she would have ended up if George didn’t sell his piano! When Megan stared having lessons, she’d get bored of playing the notes on the page and would go off on improvisational tangents.   These sessions turned into to a love of creating and writing music.

Megan’s earliest compositions were for orchestral ensembles and solo piano.  They had a classical influence.  Angel Returns was one of these.  She performed Angel Returns at the Musician of the Year Awards in High School and was awarded the Audience Award.  Whilst in High School her composition Antony & Cleopatra won the national Shakespeare Competition.  She went to Sydney to write music for the Shakespeare Globe Centre’s production of Pericles.  In 2008, she also went to Sydney to participate in the television series Battle of the Choirs with the Sunbury Divas.  Megan has been involved in several choirs over the years.

Megan’s background in songwriting sparked an interest in audio, sound and recording.   She studied a Bachelor of Music Technology at Victoria University, where she learned and developed skills in music production and audio engineering.  The University Campus was located at the old asylum on Jackson’s Hill, Sunbury.   It was a place full of stories, legends and tales of odd happenings.  Megan gained some first hand ones!   Whilst studying she recruited fellow music students to play on her album "A Lone Girl at the Piano."  The album features piano, drums, bass, guitar, violin and cello.   She currently has her own home studio where she continues to write and produce music.  Her first album is currently in the last stages of production.